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Grill & Outdoor



We have tried to make sure you have what you need to enjoy outdoor activities in the resort. If anything is missing or you have any questions just contact us.



  • There is a propane grill on the front porch. You are free to use it but please clean it after EACH use. The wildlife can sometimes be drawn to the smells of your cooking and we have had some late night property damage as a result of neglecting to cean.
  • After cleaning please reinstall the cover and fasten the velcro straps. It can get really windy up here and without the straps the cover has flown away.
  • We try to keep a spare full propane cylinder in the back porch deck box. Please let us know if you empty any of the tanks so we can arrange a refill. 
  • We keep a variety of grilling tools for you to use in the closet with the washer & dryer. 


Outdoor seating:

  • We have patio furniture on the back porch so you can sit and enjoy the view.
  • Cushions for the furniture are typically located in the rear deack storage box. Please put them away immediately after use. Just like the grill cover, the winds can carry them away and since it rains often it helps keep them dry.


Pool & Fire Pit:

  • We cannot stress enough that the pool is for guests of Alpine Village only.
  • When the pool is open we try to keep beach towels stocked in the bedroom closets.
  • The fire pit requires a "key" to turn on the gas valve. We try to keep the key on the mantle in the home. It is about 24" long with a square hole on one end and a "butterfly" key on the other end. 
  • You will also need to take a stick lighter with you in order to light the gas. The lighter is usually on the book shelves near the fire place in the home.